Apartment Rules and Regulations

 This apartment is suitable for two people. It is also possible to accommodate a child under 5 years of age.

 Accommodation with pets is allowed by prior authorization and an additional fee.

 Smoking is not permitted in the apartment.

 Noisy and crowded parties are forbidden. Loud music and noise after 10 p.m. are not recommended.

Fire safety regulations:

  • Do not plug more than one high-power electric appliance into the same socket to an Overloaded Circuit and overheating the electric wiring.
  • The electric heater may only be used on a non-flammable thermal insulation surface.
  • A common cause of fires is combustible materials left unattended close to equipment that may give off heat; (cookers, boilers, irons, heaters, etc.).
  • When leaving your apartment for a longer time, make sure that all electric heaters and lighting appliances are switched off and de-energised.

In the event of an emergency (smell of burning, smoke, or fire), immediately call a fire brigade at 160 or 166.

Fire safety is a guarantee for your well-being, your and your loved one’s life safety!

Emergency numbers in case of an emergency in Nessebar:

  • Single European emergency number: 112
  • Traffic police: 165
  • Police: 166
  • Car Breakdown Service: 146
  • Ambulance: 150
  • Fire brigade: 160
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