Bulgarian resorts: Sunny Beach and Novy Nessebar

Published: 17/08/2021 Times Read: 837

The Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea coast is one of the most iconic places to visit. For the citizens of the CIS countries, it is well known since long ago. Even Brezhnev said: 'Bulgaria is not a foreign country' referring to the love of the Soviet people for Bulgaria. Nowadays, resorts like Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Sozopol are well known worldwide.

The history of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast as a tourist destination started at the beginning of the 20th century. The aristocrats loved this "backwater" for privacy and peace. In the 21st century, the current authorities have made big efforts to make the local tourism infrastructure meet world standards.

Top popular resorts in Bulgaria

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has about 400 km of coastline. There are dozens of resorts along almost its entire length. Some are well-known around the world; others are small but still extremely cosy villages. Several popular resorts are worth your attention.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is one of the most famous Bulgarian resorts. The first project emerged in 1957. It was created from scratch but quickly became the most popular communist-era resort. Today it has a 10 km long sandy beach. Here are some features:

  • "Blue Ribbon" award for clean and safe beaches.
  • A smooth sand beach blending into calm water - perfect for children.
  • Use of the beach free of charge
  • Large water park on the coast.

The resort was originally designed as a family destination. This is the status it retains to this day. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy an inexpensive family holiday, Sunny Beach is an excellent choice. It's also easy to get there from both Burgas and Varna.

New Nessebar

Nessebar is one of the ancient towns in Europe, arising in the Phoenician colony. It became a resort in the 1920s. As the town has a large number of historical buildings and ruins of ancient sites, Bulgaria decided to build a New Nessebar – a new town. The resort offers:

  • A wide range of interesting sightseeing tours.
  • Well-developed tourism infrastructure.
  • Large water park - Aquapark Paradise.
  • Clean sandy beaches with small seashells.

The city authorities are paying a lot of attention to the development of the resort these days. There are especially plenty of facilities to keep families interested. For people who appreciate peace and quiet, the old town is the best choice. New Nessebar is more suited to young people. There are clubs and cafés lined up for them in this part of the city.

Why are Bulgarian resorts so popular?

The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has come a long way to improve. These are no longer the poor Soviet resorts of the 70s. On the contrary, many places pleasantly surprise with comfort, plenty of entertainment and a vibrant holiday programme. Bulgaria outshines its competitors in Eastern Europe and attracts more tourists by:

  • Offering holidays everyone can afford. The cost of stays is the lowest in the entire Black Sea region.
  • Providing a high level of safety. The beaches are equipped, landscaped and listed as safe.
  • Convenience transportation. Any resort, even small ones, can be reached by shuttle service.

Bulgaria also allows tourists to enter on national visas. It is much easier to obtain than a Schengen visa. Therefore, tourists have no problem visiting this country. The resorts are open all year round. The summer season is probably the best time to visit. For this reason, it is best to book well in advance.

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